Apprehending Joy!

Apprehending, that is, in the recognizing/perceiving/discerning kind of way - nothing to do with capture or arrest. In fact, that is the nature of joy – like mercury – hard to hold, but well worth the effort. Ugh! Even effort isn’t the right word. Joy resides in the present One thing is for certain, you will only find joy in the present moment. As Richard Miller reminds us “our desire for happiness is taking us away…….each moment reveals the great Mystery that joy and happiness are already the case.” It’s only in the now that we can apprehend joy, not [...]

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Outside the domain of right and wrong

One lifetime, a snapshot of time  Our world has changed so much in the last 100 years. When my Dad was born in 1916 (he almost made it to 100) most transport in Australia went by waterways. The first radio waves (the passion of his life) hadn’t even hit the airways.  Not everyone owned a car, information was in books (not on the internet) and life was a whole lot slower and simpler. Life is constantly changing. So are our attitudes. I remember as a young girl, my mum being really upset because she wasn’t allowed to go into a pub [...]

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Becoming all of who you are

This title is problematic.  It reflects a paradox that is worth exploring.  So much of our lives are taken up with the pursuit of becoming something.  The ongoing self-improvement project.  This effort may take us away from our current experience, it may be an avoidance tactic, driving ourselves forward, always wanting to be somewhere other than where we are.  A way of distracting us from the present moment, which is after all, the only time or place where anything actually happens.  In our pursuit to become something other than who we are, we leave parts of ourselves behind.  These are [...]

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To do or not to do. Is that the question?

There is such comfort in knowing what to do, in letting it flow and following an established route.  It is a beautiful design that allows us to maximise our efforts. Like a plate spinner, get one going, move on to the next thing, get it going, giving any plates that need a little momentum a quick spin now and then to keep it all going.

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Life transitions are hard!

When I look back on these times of transition in my life, and there’s been a few – death of loved ones, divorce or the ending of a long term relationship, betrayal, loss of a role that I believed defined me – these are the times of the greatest growth, the times when I take a massive leap forward towards a more fuller expression of my Self.  There is a natural cycle if we trust it.  This is transformation at work.

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Embrace the full spectrum of your human experience

There is nothing about you that is unacceptable. There is nothing that you have done that is unacceptable.  Perhaps these seem like radical statements to some?  The truth is in the acceptance of everything as it is.  The simple truth that what has happened has happened and that what is, is.

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Speaking out about mental illness

It’s funny that I can accept the mysteries of physical illness so much more easily than mental illness.  Why do some people’s bodies malfunction?  Sure there are the influences of genetics and environment, but somehow, when things go awry physically, there is less judgement, less of a sense of failure or inadequacy (although I’m not discounting that these feelings can accompany a physical illness).  But, socially, culturally, when something goes awry with your head there is a different response – these mysteries are somehow tainted with a sense of the unacceptable, badness, wrongness.  We hold our minds in such high [...]

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Introducing iRest® to the Australian Military

iRest is so effective because it switches on the ‘rest and digest’ function of our nervous system, and this, over time, stabilises the nervous system to its natural functioning. The critical first step is to get people into this ‘rest and digest’ system. But iRest offers more.  Once the relief to body, mind and emotions is experienced by balancing the nervous system the important work of integrating emotions and beliefs, little by little, step by step, can begin.  iRest offers tools to not only integrate unresolved emotions and beliefs related to trauma, but also tools that help to meet whatever life presents. This includes developing self-awareness of thoughts and emotions, building resilience by connecting to an inner resource and building inner strength by refocusing on meaning and purpose.

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