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Information session with Catherine Sherlock
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Reduce overthinking
Regulate your nervous system
Tame and control your mind

The mind is a great servant but a terrible master. Put yourself back in the driver’s seat and take control of your mind. Make quick and lasting changes to how you think by leveraging neuroplasticity.

Reduce overthinking and regulate your nervous system with evidence-based, proven techniques rooted in positive psychology and neuroscience and based on the work of Dr Rick Hanson.

Learn to regulate your response to life and retain balance, in the most challenging circumstances using mindfulness.

Receive a bonus free 45-minute coaching session with Catherine, where you can receive support and suggestions, tailored just for you.

Catherine is a qualified Positive Neuroplasticity and advanced Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation teacher with extensive practice. 

Catherine is a fully qualified Yoga Therapist, Mindfulness Educator and Positive Neuroplasticity Trainer who specialises in working with you to:

  • Gain more peace and equanimity in your life
  • Lessen suffering around painful psychological states like depression
  • Realise your inherent wholeness
  • Equip yourself with the tools to lead a meaningful and joyful life
  • Support your own spiritual awakening

Catherine has a special interest in Awakening consciousness and uses practical tools to empower and educate you, so that you can access your own innate wisdom and let it shine in your life.

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