Stretch, strengthen and mobilise the joints

These yoga classes are best described as gentle flow. The breath is used to guide the movement and longer holds in postures are offered to develop strength. Yoga is a wonderfully wholistic exercise that works through all the muscle groups and the joints they surround. No prior experience is necessary and modifications will be offered for anyone experiencing adverse health conditions or injuries. The classes are taught in a trauma informed manner.

Your body can be a portal to Awaken to your true nature of peace and presence. Movement of the body is used to bring awareness to the rich array of information that comes through our senses from moment to moment and is used to direct us back to our present moment experience – where all transformation happens.

Everyone is welcome in these inclusive classes

People with compromised health or mobility are welcome. The classes are inclusive, offering variations for the practices where necessary to tune in to find what’s right for you. The classes also offer the opportunity to develop community to support the health giving benefits of these practices.

Please bring your own mat and wear clothes that allow you to move freely. Lululemon is not an essential requirement ;-)

Individual classes

  • $25 casual
  • $15 concession
    If you are experiencing financial difficulties and this is all that you can afford, please use the ‘CONC’ code when registering – no questions asked.

10 class pass

  • $200 allows you to attend any ten classes at a discount of 20% on the individual class price.