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Yoga from the Inside studio, Bilpin

Give us the means to stretch our lungs and straighten our bodies, boost blood flow, balance our minds and moods, and excite the electrons in our molecules. To sleep better, run faster, swim deeper, live longer, and evolve further.

– James Nestor, Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

All of this without ice-baths or hyperventilation!

Harnessing the power of your breath provides accessible ways to support your well-being that you can integrate into your day. You can use the practices alongside medical support, or as an alternative to try prior to seeking mainstream medical advice. These practices are simple, accessible and they empower you to support yourself.

You can use your breath to:

  • manage anxiety
  • lift your mood
  • soothe your nervous system
  • reduce stress hormones
  • manage the fight/flight/freeze response
  • start your day well
  • set yourself up for restful sleep, and
  • even manage indigestion.

These regular workshops offer a community of practice where we come together to recognise our common humanity and support one another to keep practising. Working with the breath is the most powerful way to regulate our nervous system, learning to balance both hyper and hypo arousal. Breath practices are tools for life that develop resilience to help you manage the full catastrophe of living[1].

Doing what you can to create a calm state of body and mind starts with you, but it does not end with you. The benefits will spill over into your relationships and how you respond to the challenges that life and the world presents.

Bilpin is in the northern Blue Mountains. A lovely 30-minute drive from Richmond, up the Bells Line of Road past apple orchards, cider houses, flower farms, bakeries and cafes will bring you to the serene Yoga from the Inside studio in Valley Ridges Road. You could make a day of it and visit the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens, just five minutes’ drive away in Mount Tomah, in the morning.

[1] To borrow the book title by Jon Kabat-Zinn

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