Yoga Therapist | Mindfulness Educator | Positive Neuroplasticity Trainer

with a special interest in Awakening consciousness

Hi, I’m Catherine and I am a fully qualified Yoga Therapist, Mindfulness Educator and Positive Neuroplasticity Trainer. I specialise in working with you to:

  • Gain more peace and equanimity in your life
  • Lessen suffering around painful psychological states like depression
  • Realise your inherent wholeness
  • Equip yourself with the tools to lead a meaningful and joyful life
  • Support your own spiritual awakening

I have a special interest in Awakening consciousness and use practical tools, that have worked for me, to empower and educate you, so you can access your own innate wisdom and let it shine in your life.

See my qualifications below.

I have been blessed to receive training from remarkable teachers from around the world.

My story and how I help you

My first love died in a horrific car accident when I was 20. I had known him for 6 years. The event was so traumatic that I left my job, stopped seeing friends, withdrew into myself and became severely depressed.

I was desperate and suicidal.

It was during this painful part of my life that I had a spontaneous, powerful spiritual awakening which transformed my life completely.

I entered a state of consciousness where I was connected to all of life and experienced boundless love and peace. It didn’t last, but it was enough to launch me on my spiritual quest and life’s mission. A quest to be guided by and to find my way back to that feeling. A quest to integrate the wisdom of this aspect of myself into my daily life.

Some four decades later I’ve traversed many challenging life experiences.  Sole parenthood, studying while sole parenting, children with learning difficulties and special needs, a family member with complex mental health issues, relationship turmoil, health scares, loss of parents, friends and dogs.

I know depression well. I’ve tussled with shame, inadequacy and fear. I have come to know these as aspects of my humanity that deserve love, care and acceptance. They are not an indication of my brokenness.

I have learned to remove the obstacles that prevented me from recognising I am whole, healed and harmed, no matter what might be going on in my life circumstances.  I have been supported in this by some incredible teachers as well as formal training in meditation and positive neuroplasticity.

The truth of the Awakening experience has guided my every step. My life is dedicated to the Awakening of human consciousness by sharing what I have learned, continuing to learn, and giving back.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Analysis
  • Master of Policy and Applied Social Research
  • Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management
  • Certificate of Competency in Yoga Teaching – Life Source Yoga and Health (350 hours)
  • Certified iRest® Yoga Nidra Teacher
  • Advance in Yin Yoga – Anneriek Favelle, Yoga 4 You (40 hours)
  • Applied Yoga Teacher Training – Anneriek Favelle, Yoga 4 You (150 hours)
  • Y12SR (Yoga for 12 Step Recovery) Leader
  • Warriors at Ease Level 1
  • Yoga for Trauma, Mental Health and Body Image – Sarah Ball
  • Graduate Studies in Yoga Therapy – The Yoga Institute
  • Certified Positive Neuroplasticity Trainer
  • Master of Science in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology (currently studying) – Alef Trust (Liverpool John Moores University)

Yoga Australia Registered Level 2 Teacher Certified iRest Teacher | Integrative Restoration Institute