Yoga and mindfulness practices in the studio and beyond

Yoga from the Inside was founded by Catherine Sherlock to provide yoga and mindfulness practices in the Hawkesbury area and beyond. The Yoga from the Inside mission is to help you connect to your inherent wholeness and the peace that is always within you, no matter what is happening externally; to improve your relationship with your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Yoga from the Inside rests on the principle that for each of us there is nothing to fix or change, just some blockages and conditioning that may not be serving us and that can be released. The name reflects the understanding that the source and basis of our experience lies within us. We are empowered in life by our response to the changing experiences and movements of life rather than by changing, or trying to change, our external circumstances.


Taking yoga and mindfulness practices beyond the yoga studio. Tailored programs might include:

  • High-pressure work environments: Reduce stress with mindfulness and wellbeing practices
  • Trauma: Deep relaxation practices in health care spaces
  • Conferences or events: Yoga or meditation for fun or relaxation
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Short courses, workshops & retreats

Whether it’s a two-hour workshop, a multi-week short course or a weekend retreat, these events are offered to facilitate your journey home. Back to wellbeing, inner peace, connection to the source of life and your purpose.

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Drop-in classes

Richmond studio now open in the historic Toxana building!

147 Windsor Street, Richmond

A cosy, intimate space especially for meditation, one to one and small group classes.

Sunday classes still held at North Richmond.

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Download our 'Morning Mindfulness Meditation' brochure
Download our brochure ‘Morning Mindfulness Meditation’
Download our brochure for 'Going Nowhere in Silence – A Weekend Retreat'
Download our brochure for ‘Going Nowhere in Silence – A Weekend Retreat’
Download our 'Yoga for Osteoporosis' brochure
Download our brochure ‘Yoga for Osteoporosis’
Download our brochure 'Meditation, Mindfulness & Tools for Inner Peace'
Download our brochure ‘Meditation, Mindfulness and Tools for Inner Peace’