Yoga and mindfulness practices for spiritual Awakening

Yoga from the Inside is a subtle form of yoga that explores all dimensions of who we are as human beings. It is not concerned with achieving particular physical shapes or the technical details of them. It is a yoga to return to our natural ground of wholeness and peace, our inherent ‘OKness’.

We live in challenging times. The level of suffering in our daily lives can be extreme. We know that chronic stress is one of the greatest contributors to physical disease. Many of us have experienced trauma that challenges our ability to cope. The incidence of anxiety and depression is increasing. All of these are opportunities for us to grow and transform.

Yoga, which includes meditation, offers tools to help the transformation process. These are tools that you can learn and apply for yourself. Tools for self-support, soothing and for Awakening to your authentic Self.

Yoga from the Inside provides yoga and mindfulness education. During the current COVID-19 restrictions we are providing all offerings online.


See our online group offerings, either courses or classes

Online courses with individual support, and online classes

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One to One

Personalised yoga or meditation appointments, either in person or remotely

Personalised yoga or meditation appointments, online

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Tailored programs

Programs tailored for your workplace, community, school or event

Yoga and meditation programs designed just for your organisation or community group

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We sometimes organise or co-host an event designed to invite alignment with a deeper peace within you

One-off days or weekends designed to invite alignment with a deeper peace within you

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“My first experience at yoga. Calming, relaxing and the guidance of a lady with a beautiful soul. Thank you Catherine. Highly recommended from a new yoga lover.”

– Margaret, Beginners’ Yoga

“I liked the different types of things we covered as it gave me a broader understanding of yoga.”

– Cassie

“I definitely recommend a friend to join future retreats with Catherine, especially if they are struggling with issues in their lives.”

– Dianna

“It took me on a wonderful journey … left me feeling peaceful and gave me the tools to keep moving forward.”

– Bridget

“I loved the entire format!”

– Leanne

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