Introducing iRest® to the Australian Military

iRest is so effective because it switches on the ‘rest and digest’ function of our nervous system, and this, over time, stabilises the nervous system to its natural functioning. The critical first step is to get people into this ‘rest and digest’ system. But iRest offers more.  Once the relief to body, mind and emotions is experienced by balancing the nervous system the important work of integrating emotions and beliefs, little by little, step by step, can begin.  iRest offers tools to not only integrate unresolved emotions and beliefs related to trauma, but also tools that help to meet whatever life presents. This includes developing self-awareness of thoughts and emotions, building resilience by connecting to an inner resource and building inner strength by refocusing on meaning and purpose.

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Why there’s no time like the present

So many new students say to me “I’ve always wanted to try yoga”. No longer the reserve of "hippies and weirdos", it’s definitely become a mainstream understanding that yoga is beneficial for us in so many ways. I could write about the physical benefits, increased flexibility, developing bone strength, great for the vital systems: cardiovascular, endocrine, lymphatic, respiratory.  But, I’d like to focus on the more subtle effects.

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