There is nothing about you that is unacceptable. There is nothing that you have done that is unacceptable.  Perhaps these seem like radical statements to some?  The truth is in the acceptance of everything as it is.  The simple truth that what has happened has happened and that what is, is.

We are socialised, conditioned, to accept or prefer certain experiences over others.  We are attracted to some and rejecting of others, not all fit our idea of who we are and where we’re heading, of how and what we should be.  Some are socially acceptable, others are not. We are given conventions to align to.  Conditioning varies for all of us depending on our families, cultures, religions etc.  Rather than wanting to get rid of our conditioning we can understand it as something that has helped us find our way and to survive. It informs us of what has gone before, in our families, communities, our species.  But things are always changing, and what we’ve inherited may not serve us well in the present.  It may be time to let some