Apprehending, that is, in the recognising/perceiving/discerning kind of way – nothing to do with capture or arrest. In fact, that is the nature of joy – like mercury – hard to hold, but well worth the effort. Ugh! Even effort isn’t the right word.

Joy resides in the present

One thing is for certain, you will only find joy in the present moment. As Richard Miller reminds us “our desire for happiness is taking us away … each moment reveals the great Mystery that joy and happiness are already the case.” It’s only in the now that we can apprehend joy, not in the future – the next job, new car or holiday. Not to say those things aren’t worth working towards, in fact you might feel joy in the moment as you look forward to them. But, joy lives here and now, nowhere else.

Open for joy!

Lately, I’ve wanted joy to take more centre stage in my life. So I’ve been watching out for its arrival, seeking it out. In iRest®, as the fifth kosha or layer of our b