Yoga is not something to attain!

Not the next pose, nor a particular shape or body size.  It IS a relationship with yourself, a process of enquiry where you learn to listen to all of your internal messengers; these might be physical, emotional or mental.  These messengers point the way, so that you can be returned to your inherent wholeness, your true nature.  Essentially, yoga is love – finding that love within yourself.

Yoga is a process of re-connecting with the source of life. The physical postures are just one element, but nevertheless an important way to get in touch with your senses and breath and to find the present moment. The physical postures are a great way to release tension held in the body and to enhance the functioning of your key systems, vital organs and to develop strength and flexibility.

However, the physical form is not the goal of yoga. It is a wonderful mechanism to take you home to yourself, to recognise your interconnectedness with all of life and to honour that connection in all of your actions and attitudes.  It will support any other personal growth, health and wellbeing mechanism that you may choose.

We support everyone to benefit from yoga in their own way

As a yoga teacher in the Hawkesbury area since 2012, I’ve come to appreciate that people come to yoga for many different reasons. Some want to get in shape, some to maintain or improve their physical function, others to manage pain. Many come to simply relax and de-stress.

The benefits of yoga are for everyone. However a lot of open yoga classes aren’t suitable for older people, people with injuries or chronic health conditions, larger people, or anyone who finds a large open class confronting. The smaller space in Toxana allows my teaching to cater to you as an individual.

While high-intensity exercise is important for many reasons, practices that trigger the parasympathetic nervous system – our inbuilt antidote to stress – are a must for our health and wellbeing too. For most of us there is constant pressure to achieve and perform. Practices that intentionally release this pressure, offer respite and recovery.

In the Richmond studio I offer Morning Mindfulness Meditation sits to support you in establishing your own mindfulness practice, as well as ‘Easey’ Yoga, Yoga for Osteoporosis, Pre-natal Yoga and Mindfulness, Early Morning Yoga and iRest Yoga Nidra.

Private One to One Yoga or One to One Meditation sessions may also be of interest to you.

Download our 'Morning Mindfulness Meditation' brochure
Download our brochure ‘Morning Mindfulness Meditation’
Download our 'Yoga for Osteoporosis' brochure
Download our brochure ‘Yoga for Osteoporosis’
Download our brochure 'Meditation, Mindfulness & Tools for Inner Peace'
Download our brochure ‘Meditation, Mindfulness and Tools for Inner Peace’