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Catherine Sherlock, yoga and meditation teacher at Yoga from the Inside in Richmond NSWMy name is Catherine Sherlock. Teaching mindfulness in groups over several years has demonstrated to me how incredible the relief and benefits can be for people experiencing a range of mild to medium mental health issues.

Especially during this exceptional time, I want people experiencing stress to have access to simple and effective tools to support their mental health. That’s why I created Press Pause Mindful Moments™, an audio package designed to integrate seamlessly into your day, at the office, at home or any environment.

Press Pause Mindful Moments consists of five 12-minute guided mindfulness sessions and an illustrated workbook to provide guidance in establishing a practice and to understand what is happening in your nervous system. While mindfulness is not a replacement for health professional intervention, it is a proactive way to help manage stress, anxiety and/or depression. Comments from users of Press Pause Mindful Moments:

“Press Pause Mindful Moments has provided me with the tools to manage my day with calmness and clarity. Taking the time to breathe, focus and re-set has made a huge difference to my perception of and reaction to any challenging situation I might be subjected to.”

“It took a while for me to come to terms with the working from home arrangement and then I discovered Press Pause Mindful Moments. These audio files helped me to relax, take the anxiousness out of WFH and focus on what was in front of me.”

“I used the body scan everyday just before lunch. It was a great way to switch off from the work in front of me and tell myself that now is the time to nourish my body with good food and calm the mind.”

“’Choose your Anchor’ was another one that I tried to listen to 10 minutes before the end of the day … when working from home it is easy to keep working past the end time, however these audios assisted with making sure I found the balance.”

Research and evidence support mindfulness

During challenging times our nervous system moves into its survival response, changing blood chemistry and affecting mood, satisfaction and performance. It is so important during times of stress to allow the body to come back to balance.

Mindfulness is now proven as an effective intervention for stress, offering a direct pathway to trigger the relaxation response, decreasing stress hormones like cortisol and increasing “feel good” hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin. As little as ten minutes a day has been scientifically shown to have a significant benefit.

Mindfulness has the potential to enhance positive emotions and promote resilience. Press Pause Mindful Moments offers this stress management technique as an accessible resource that can be easily incorporated into your day. Stress is also a significant factor in the onset of many  diseases; integrating mindfulness into daily life supports not only mental health but physical health as well.

Portable, accessible & easy to use

Simply download the Press Pause Mindful Moments™ resources for your personal use, any time, anywhere. They include:

  • Five 12-minute mindfulness audios
  • Illustrated Workbook
    • Tips and techniques
    • Why and how meditation positively affects your nervous system
    • Mandalas to colour in!
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About your teacher, Catherine Sherlock

Catherine holds qualifications in both trauma sensitive yoga and meditation including being a Certified iRest® Meditation Teacher. iRest is an evidence-based meditation practice approved by the US military as a complementary medicine.

Catherine has over 10 years experience teaching yoga and over the last six years has focused more specifically on meditation/mindfulness. She uses the tools of yoga and meditation to educate people towards Awakening to their innate peace and wholeness. She has a particular interest in providing a trauma sensitive approach to gently support people to integrate their suffering and move them towards greater freedom.

She teaches public mindfulness courses, works with people one to one to establish their own practice, offers group yoga and meditation classes, and tailors these profound teachings for use by particular populations. These range from large corporations to small not-for-profit community groups. Her services are (usually) offered both in person and online.

Catherine is a full member of the peak bodies for yoga and meditation in Australia: Meditation Australia and Yoga Australia, with whom she is registered Level 2 yoga teacher.  Catherine also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Analysis, a Master of Policy and Applied Social Research and a Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management.