One to One Yoga & Meditation

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Private yoga and meditation sessions in the studio

Catherine specialises in one to one yoga and meditation for mental health.  These sessions are not therapy, they don’t attempt to fix or change anything.  They are an opportunity to learn the tools that yoga and meditation offer to support your well being and will compliment any other treatments or therapies that you may be having.  You will learn tools that you can take away and use in your life.  The objective will be for you to find your own teacher within.

The sessions are offered at the Yoga from the Inside studio in the beautiful Toxana building, Richmond.

One to One session may include physical movement (asana), breath work (pranayama) and meditation.  The meditation will either be guided or a facilitated conversation which is a process of self enquiry using the senses and body as access.

How to make an appointment

Select a date in the calendar and click ‘Search’ to see all the commencement times, in one-hour timeslots, available for that day and the following week.

Yoga from the Inside classes are held in the beautiful Toxana building in Richmond. This historically significant homestead dates from 1841 and, sympathetically restored, retains all its Georgian spaciousness and ornate Victorian detail.

The ground floor now houses the Toxana Business Centre. Yoga from the Inside is in Room 8. Come and enjoy yoga or meditation in the quiet, stately ambience of this lovely historic place.

The historic Toxana homestead now houses the Toxana Business Centre

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Download our brochure ‘Morning Mindfulness Meditation’
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Download our brochure ‘Meditation, Mindfulness and Tools for Inner Peace’