Private yoga and meditation sessions
for managing stress, anxiety, depression and trauma

Yoga is often understood in our culture as a physical practice, a series of physical postures and movements designed to optimise physical wellbeing. It is indeed that, and so much more: yoga is also a potent support for the mind.

The system of yoga is a wholistic approach. One of the key texts, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, describes the path of yoga as an eight-limb path. These eight steps (or limbs) act as guidelines on how to live a meaningful and purposeful life. The physical practice is just one of these steps. The Sutras offer guidance for healthy behaviours, our self-discipline and how to direct attention toward our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health and wellbeing.

The Yoga Sutras are filled with guidance to support mental health – which is the focus of my practice as a qualified yoga therapist and mindfulness educator.

Wholistic and personal

These one to one sessions will empower you to progress toward improved health and wellbeing through the application of the teachings and practice of yoga. Yoga respects individual differences in age, culture, religion, philosophy and occupation. In other words, it is for everyone. Yoga offers a holistic approach that gently works with your own innate healing forces. It is a system that is concerned with the whole person, not just the state of illness.

Specialised focus

My specialty in the therapeutic application of yoga and meditation is to bring relief from stress, anxiety, depression and trauma. I have lived experience of all of these. I also have particular interest in grief, terminal illness, death, sleep disturbances, addiction and chronic pain. I am happy to work with any condition from a whole person perspective, not to cure but to move towards higher levels of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, irrespective of prognosis.

Available in person in Bilpin or online

  • Each One to One session lasts 1 hour.
  • In-person sessions are available in Bilpin NSW.
  • If you prefer, online sessions are available via Zoom.
  • As a contingency for any Covid-19 restrictions such as self-isolation or lockdown, all sessions are generated with a Zoom link.
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Choose a package

As for new students a single session is unlikely to be useful, these one to one sessions are available in packages of either three or nine.

Introductory Package

Three 1-hour sessions – $390

This package offers an initial assessment where we will clarify your goals, the provision of an initial home practice and a subsequent review. It’s an ideal way for new students to determine whether the therapeutic relationship is useful to you and whether you’d like to continue.

I recommend that the three sessions are not more than two weeks apart.

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Transformation Package

Nine 1-hour sessions – $990

This package is for commencing students and students who wish to extend their commitment to ongoing transformation through yoga and meditation and the therapeutic relationship. It can be purchased as many times as you like as it is the most economical.

Note: In this sense, ‘transformation’ involves mining for the wisdom in who we already are – bringing acceptance, awareness and understanding to the habits that are contributing to our suffering – rather than trying to become something else.

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Please note that package purchase is required prior to booking, single sessions are not available. This link is provided for planning purposes only. You will need your certificate code to book.

To schedule your sessions

  1. Purchase the package and note your Certificate Code.
  2. Use the schedule link to book a time.
  3. Complete the intake form.
  4. On the confirmation page click ‘Register for an account’ to save completing the intake form each time. It will also allow you to cancel (within limits) and reschedule if necessary.
  5. Use the link in your original email confirmation to book on subsequent occasions. Login at top right.

Other points

  • Payment plans are available by arrangement where you have financial concerns.
  • Individual appointments are available for $120 each following a package purchase (this requires a private link).
  • Cancellations or rescheduling a booking require 24 hours’ notice, otherwise full payment is required.

Please email me with preferred times if you need to be invoiced and confirmation will be provided.

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What to expect

These sessions are designed to work alongside primary health professional treatment, or independently if this is not in place.

The therapeutic application of yoga and meditation is not ‘treatment’ so much as support in applying the wisdom of yoga to establish an effective management approach and change your relationship and identification with your condition. In partnership we will look at what is ‘right’ with you and potentially uncover ineffective, habitual behaviours and thought patterns to restore a greater sense of harmony.

The first session will be a thorough assessment which will involve talking through your health concerns, life situation and lifestyle so that I can begin to understand what brings you to me. I will also observe your physical movement and breath. Importantly, we will determine your goals for our work together.

In subsequent sessions we embark on a journey of discovery together, exploring various yogic tools and techniques (breath, movement, meditation) to bring forward the wisdom that is already available to you, from the inside. What I offer will not be prescriptive but something for you to try out for yourself. Ultimately, you are the authority of you, and your first-hand experience is your best guide.

You will be empowered to find what is most effective for the uniqueness of who you are.

These sessions will provide a container, with shelves stacked with various tools and techniques that can offer a salve for suffering. Only you will know if they’re effective.

Practice between our sessions

Home practice will be important. It could be as little as five minutes a day, or five minutes most days, or longer. We’ll work out the parameters together, but most importantly it will be something that you feel is doable, works with your lifestyle and is aligned with your goals.

In a holistic approach encompassing mind, body and spirit, you may feel it appropriate to refer to other health professionals regarding diet, formal psychology or physical therapy.

Yoga and spirituality

A cornerstone to the yogic, and my, approach is to encourage you to find your own answers, to unearth your own source of wisdom. I will be interested in your spiritual or religious position, if you have one, in recognition that the power of yoga is in connecting your individual consciousness to something greater than yourself however you understand or experience it.

While not a religious approach, it can comfortably encompass any religious perspective that you come with. The ancient healers knew that ‘every disease is at least in part a spiritual problem.’ This is reflected in the approach I take. Recognising our interconnectedness and grappling with the mystery of life offer us a home ground that provides support independent of external circumstances.

You are very welcome to book a free 15 minute chat to talk through any questions you may have about embarking on these one to one sessions. Please don’t hesitate to come forward with any questions or concerns, they’re all welcome.

Want to talk about it?

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of this with me, please feel very welcome to book a free 15-minute chat online – or just send me an email.
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