6 week one to one yoga and meditation program for PTSD, high stress levels, anxiety and depression

This six week program uses iRest® Meditation and yoga to restore resilience and a sense of ease in life. The focus is to use the tools of yoga and meditation to trigger the relaxation response, and so help the body and mind return to balance. The approach is tailored to you and will meet you where you are. It does not necessarily involve movement. We will explore together what is beneficial for you. You will be given lots of choices and will remain in control of your own experience.

If you are struggling with the challenges of life, in particular mental health issues, a dysregulated nervous system or a sense of dis-ease or not being yourself, this program offers support and guidance without being therapy.  You may have experienced loss, trauma, or your sense of dis-ease could be a complete puzzle to you and be unexplained. The approach leads you to a place within that is unbroken and untouched by the circumstances of life. In this sense, it does not attempt to fix or change anything about you. It acknowledges that you and your experiences are perfect as they are.  It is by being with them that you are set free.

Starting from what is right with you, rather than what is wrong with you, allows you to heal from wholeness rather than towards it. This approach works from the inside out. When your nervous system is locked into fight or flight you are not available for learning. The very first step is to activate the rest and digest aspect of your nervous system, so that you can be open to learning. If you’ve tried lots of things already, or have other therapies in place, this approach will offer a new approach and support for the other efforts you are making.

The six sessions are usually in the Yoga from the Inside studio in Richmond. However, they can also be undertaken via phone or Skype.  In some cases, depending on travel, I may be able to bring the program to you.

“I don’t know how I would have survived the last six weeks without your assistance.”

“What I get from meditation is resilience. I know I have the strength to keep going.”

“It took me on a wonderful journey … left me feeling peaceful and gave me the tools to keep moving forward.”

“I’ve learned that we are all the same but different at the same time. We feel many of the same things and certainly do not have to go through tough times alone.”


To book your first session in the studio

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Please email me at info@yogafromtheinside.com.au if you’d like to arrange an alternative delivery method.

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