I’m not currently offering in person classes. I look forward to doing so sometime in the near future.

Yoga for Well-being – much more than a fitness regime

Your body can be a portal to Awaken to your true nature of peace and presence.

These classes are not concerned with performance and achievement. Movement of the body is used to bring awareness to the rich array of information that comes through our senses from moment to moment and is used to direct us back to our present moment experience – where all transformation happens.

In this sense the classes are not a fitness regime. However, they certainly support physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In these classes you will be encouraged to find what works for you and to work gently or more vigorously as you choose. They are guaranteed to soothe stress and are taught in a trauma informed manner.

Everyone is welcome in these inclusive classes

People with compromised health or mobility are welcome. The classes are inclusive, offering variations for the various practices to tune in to find what’s right for you. The classes also offer the opportunity to develop community to support the health giving benefits of these practices.

Due to COVID-19 please bring your own yoga mat, cushion and blanket.

Monday 1.00pm–2.15pm: Yoga for Well-being

This is a general yoga for well-being class  that is made up of approximately 45 minutes of mindful movement, 10 minutes of breath work or pranayama and a 15-20 minute guided iRest® meditation.

You’ll move your spine in all directions (which is essential for your health), centre your movement within your breath and develop or maintain strength and mobility throughout the whole body. Connecting with your breath is a direct route to the present moment and is the most powerful aspect of yoga to bring about physiological changes to your nervous system. The primary objectives of these classes are to trigger the relaxation response in your system and develop the skill of listening deeply to the messages from your body, to help bring you into, or maintain you in, harmony.

Due to COVID-19 please bring your own yoga mat, cushion and blanket.


Friday 6.00pm–7.15pm: Yin

Yin yoga consists of long holds in postures to give your connective tissue the stimulation it needs to release and replenish. Yin is great for improving flexibility and releasing tension that gets held in our fascia, ligaments and tendons. It is also a great practice to get acquainted and more comfortable with the inevitable discomfort that life brings.

No experience is necessary, whatever the condition of your body there will be a shape that you will be able to take to invite in opening.

Due to COVID-19 please bring your own yoga mat, cushion and blanket.



Pricing for the yoga classes is as follows:

  • $25 casual
  • $200 for a 10 class pass
  • the concession price is $20, this is not available online, please make contact for the code.

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Booking is recommended as class sizes are limited.

10 Class Pass Package