A four week trauma sensitive yoga course with Catherine

These yoga classes are a little different to most yoga classes. They are not concerned about getting the body into a particular shape or achieving anything in particular. And, everything is optional. Many variations are given, or participants can simply rest. The focus is really about dialling in to a sense of harmony within yourself, in any way that can be accessed.

Catherine Sherlock, yoga and meditation teacher at Yoga from the Inside in Richmond NSWI have a special interest, and extensive training, in a trauma sensitive approach to yoga. This course provides a gentle way to develop a renewed relationship with the intelligence of your body; to un-couple from recursive and negative thinking and to find a source of peace that is always available.

It’s for anyone looking to manage symptoms of trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, a sense of hopelessness and other mental health issues. Or, simply if you find other yoga classes confronting for any reason. The physical yoga is gentle with modifications offered, and no previous yoga experience is required. Each class will include about 45 minutes of gentle (optional) mindful movement, some breath awareness and a 35 minute iRest® yoga nidra.

You will learn tools that you can use yourself to self-regulate and soothe yourself at any time. Tools to find your way towards harmony when you’ve lost your way.

As a bonus, enrolment in the course also gives you access to ‘Press Pause Mindful Moments’ which is a trauma sensitive mindfulness resource made up of five 12 minute trauma sensitive guided mindfulness practices and an accompanying workbook.

It will also be an opportunity to learn these practices in community.

“I was very stressed in my body with aches and pains but now I have real and useful tools to release the stress and tension.” – DM

“I’m much more aware of my bodily sensations and feel like I’ve gained insight into them.” – KD

“Catherine is a beautiful teacher. Her trauma sensitive workshops provide an insightful look into how our body needs to de-stress.” – KB

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course, it has opened up a lot of thinking for me.” – BH

“I found this experience very powerful and helped me gain insight into myself and my experience in the world.”– KD

“I would recommend this course and above, I would recommend Catherine as a patient, empathetic and understanding instructor.” – MAB

“The movement and breathwork practices Catherine offers really help cultivate comfort, happiness and ease.” – KB

Covid-19 Notes

Due to Covid-19 restrictions please bring your own mat, pillow (or cushion) and blanket.

Check in using the Service NSW app will also be required.

If it is necessary to cancel a course you will be given the choice to transfer credit to another course or receive a full refund.

if you are unwell or need to self-isolate you can attend a ‘make-up’ class in a subsequent course if space permits.

It isn’t necessary to wear a mask during class but you are welcome to choose to do so.

What is trauma?

Trauma is often described as any experience that overwhelms the capacity to cope and leaves a person feeling helpless and hopeless.

“Traumatic events overwhelm the ordinary systems of care that give people a sense of control, connection and meaning”, and further “traumatic events are extraordinary not because they occur rarely, but rather because they overwhelm the ordinary adaptations to life”.

 – Judith Herman

Seen in this way, trauma effects everyone. We all experience crisis, loss and trauma. We all have experiences that overwhelm our capacity to cope. (Acknowledgement to Sarah Ball)

What are the benefits?

  • Take away tools to self-regulate and self-soothe
  • Potential to improve self mastery and confidence
  • An opportunity to explore greater joy, purpose and flow with life
  • Improved relationships may be a side effect
  • Befriending the body and mind

Bonus offering

Free access to Press Pause Mindful Moments™ – five 12-minute professionally recorded trauma sensitive guided mindfulness audio files, each with a different theme, accessible via internet or downloadable. The accompanying workbook contains tips and a journal.

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Courses coming up

Nin Yoga
Building 6, 45 Fourth Avenue, Blacktown
Tuesdays 11am to 12.30pm

$120 for four week course

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About your teacher, Catherine Sherlock

Catherine holds qualifications in both trauma sensitive yoga and meditation including being a Certified iRest® Meditation Teacher. iRest is an evidence-based meditation practice approved by the US military as a complementary medicine.

Catherine has over 10 years experience teaching yoga and over the last six years has focused more specifically on meditation/mindfulness. She uses the tools of yoga and meditation to educate people towards Awakening to their innate peace and wholeness. She has a particular interest in providing a trauma sensitive approach to gently support people to integrate their suffering and move them towards greater freedom.

She teaches public mindfulness courses, works with people one to one to establish their own practice, offers group yoga and meditation classes, and tailors these profound teachings for use by particular populations. These range from large corporations to small not-for-profit community groups. Her services are (usually) offered both in person and online.

Catherine is a full member of the peak bodies for yoga and meditation in Australia: Meditation Australia and Yoga Australia, with whom she is registered Level 2 yoga teacher.  Catherine also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Analysis, a Master of Policy and Applied Social Research and a Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management.