Monday Morning Meditation – Online Community

A way to stay connected, to others and yourself.

Many of us are experiencing frustration, disappointment and fatigue with the restrictions that inevitably come with a pandemic. We are also living in times where our systems; political, economic, environmental, and even the truth is under threat. This environment is the perfect breeding ground for anxiety, despair and confusion. Many of us are craving spiritual reconnection. There’s lots of science now that tells us that healing happens in community, in connection.

A half hour to start your week, connecting online with like-hearted earth beings is one small thing you can do for yourself and those around you. The Monday Morning Meditation – Online Community is an opportunity to start your week with intention, connection and calm. The 30 minutes will include a one, two or three word check in (which could be your intention for the week or a question that you’re currently living), some chanting, pranayama and some quiet meditation.

As a yoga therapist and mindfulness educator I can offer some tools and techniques that you can take into your week to help you stay calm and to help you stay attuned with, or to find a pathway to, your true nature. You are nature! We live in such interesting times and reconnecting to yourself as nature and recognising your inter and intra connection to all of life is the response we need to make. We are running out of time. And, our greatest hope is to tune into that silent conductor of life, that supports us all, so that we can live life as a symphony.

Each Monday from 7:00am to 7:30am online. Each session is $10 or free. I’ve set up a code so that if you can’t afford to pay you can simply enter FREE and join the session. Everyone is welcome. Please get in touch if you’d like to join in but aren’t confident with the technology, we can do a practice run. All sharing is optional. I would love to see your faces but if you’d prefer to keep your video off, that’s ok too.

Price: $10 or free

Monday Morning Meditation – Online Community

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