Taking yoga and mindfulness education to health and community service settings, schools and into the workplace.

Yoga and mindfulness practices are a wonderful adjunct to other health and mental health therapies.  We will take these practices into therapeutic settings. We are also proud to take yoga and mindfulness to marginalised members of the community.  Some of this work is voluntary and funded by the other offerings from Yoga from the Inside.

We will tailor mindfulness and/or yoga education to particular environments and audiences. This includes corporate events and work settings.


Yoga from the Inside

iRest® meditation

I use the word meditation to refer to the practice that results in the outcome of mindfulness. Essentially, mindfulness is greater awareness. By tapping into our own innate peace, we can relax deeply, release stress, increase resiliency and improve interpersonal relationships.

Class requirements
Simply a relatively quiet space, somewhere that people can get comfortable. This can be seated or lying down.

Arms on the mats in a yoga class


The practice of hatha yoga offers many benefits: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Stretching the body in all directions not only releases tension but stimulates all its energy centres and vital systems. A regular practice can strengthen the body and tone the nervous system.

Class requirements
A space that can be cleared to facilitate the practices. Yoga mats can be provided for small groups.

Community service settings

Learn relaxation, rediscover well-being

We use iRest meditation and yoga to facilitate relaxation and support the rediscovery of innate well-being. Times are negotiable depending on the group, space and time available. Some options include:

  • iRest Meditation for Trauma
  • iRest Meditation for Anxiety and Depression
  • Gentle Yoga and Deep Relaxation


Mindfulness for Students

These mindfulness practices apply the iRest meditation protocol to enhance relaxation and develop mindfulness skills. The practice can be tailored to specific age groups or school populations. Times will vary depending on the age group and time available. Examples are:

  • Infant students
  • Primary students
  • High school students
  • HSC students