You CAN manage fear and anxiety in these uncertain times

In fact, these circumstances are a great opportunity to tap into that ‘centre of the storm’ or the ‘calm beneath the surface’ that is always available within you. Now is the time to reconnect to that part of you that is unaffected by economics, politics, environmental and health issues, which will support your response to all of these.

Four ninety minute online mindfulness & meditation sessions for just 10 participants
Wednesday evenings 7:00pm to 8:30pm – 14 October to 4 November

This course, limited to just 10 people, is built around four ninety minute weekly live connections via Zoom, a very popular teleconferencing app which is very easy to use.

If online learning is new to you, you’re definitely not alone! Before the course begins I can offer you assistance in setting up.

A great follow-on for Introduction to Mindfulness

This course is particularly suited as a follow-on for students who have already completed the four week Introductory course with Mindfulness Works Australia, where you will have gained experience and understanding of the principles of mindfulness/meditation. We will further explore those principles to enhance your understanding and to embed mindfulness into your life.

Also, if you are looking for a trauma sensitive mindfulness course, this could serve as your starting point.

New challenges call for new techniques

An unprecedented time

So much that we have relied on to guide our life decisions is beginning to become less certain. Things that we’ve worked hard to secure are falling away; income, savings, projects that have meant the world to us. Not to mention the threat to the physical well-being of ourselves and the ones we love.

Fear is not who you are

We are all just one little cog in the wheel and yet our response is so important. Having fear is a natural response to these uncertain situations. Just like any emotion, it is a messenger that brings you information to help you to know how to respond.

Navigate the challenges

I want you to reconnect to your own inner calm and to develop a set of tools to allow you to navigate the current challenges, no matter what. This online mindfulness course allows you to honour social distancing or isolation and at the same time connect with a supportive community.

Learn new habits of thinking that will serve you well – and release those that don’t

With lived experience of navigating challenging times, as a yoga and meditation teacher with a particular focus on the spiritual aspects of the practice, and having honed the skills of mindfulness to find my own way, I now want to offer you that same pathway. I am a certified iRest® meditation teacher with six years experience teaching meditation and 10 years teaching yoga. I understand the philosophies that show us the way out of suffering and into freedom.

Teaching mindfulness in groups over the past several years has demonstrated to me how incredible the relief and benefits can be for people experiencing a range of mild to medium mental health issues. Interweaving regular opportunities to pause from a busy mind with its fears and concerns can be extremely effective. Here are some of the reactions to the courses I have run.

“I have a feeling of calm and relaxation, a slowing down of mental activity and anxiety, and a sense of purpose.”

“The course has helped me to focus and regroup my thoughts to reduce stress and sleep better.”

“I realise that I am not my thoughts. I show myself compassion. I have strategies to help me stay in the moment.”

“I had the realisation that I could meditate, quiet my mind, resulting in better sleep.”

“Catherine was fantastic. So calm, encouraging and reassuring.”

“Her voice was so calming and it made the meditations she did really, really beneficial.”

Your facilitator: Catherine Sherlock

Catherine Sherlock, yoga and meditation teacher at Yoga from the Inside in Richmond NSWCatherine holds qualifications in both trauma sensitive