Elisha Terada jellyfish


In nature I see what can’t be defined, what is beyond concepts and ideas, beyond the material world. That unseen force that causes a seed to sprout, that turns flowers towards the sun, that knows when it is time to drop the leaves.

Nature is quiet, and even when we ignore it, it just goes on, unfolding, adapting, honouring the cycles of life, unperturbed by our ignorance.

We are nature. Being in nature helps us to reacquaint ourselves with this timeless aspect of who we are. Knowing this mystery within us can bring a balance to the topsy, turvy challenges of everyday life. Recognising this steadfast, timeless, changeless aspect of who we are supports us to weather every storm and know that we have safe refuge, always available within.

We define ourselves in all sorts of ways; our jobs, our relationships, our possessions, our achievements and successes – and, supporting all of these is our fundamental true nature, the fundamental existence or life force that allows it all to be, and that is within us all in equal measure.

Elisha Terada jellyfish


Relationship is fundamental to who we are. Connection between our lives and the lives of others is really the flow of life. It is in relationship that we experience qualities of our true nature – love, kindness, compassion. The threads between us are of more value than any material thing.

Coming together in community is a powerful way to heal our underlying misperception of separation. Coming together in community with the very intention to recognise this, is a potent way to transform and grow as we remind ourselves of who we are. In isolation we are nothing, together we come to life – the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

I know only too well the pull towards isolation. It is where I want to go when life gets challenging – withdraw, protect, defend. In my darkest hour when I didn’t want to exist it was the threads of love that kept me alive.

Our relationships may not be perfect but they are our greatest source of meaning – even the difficult ones.

Elisha Terada jellyfish


When we know ourselves as just a fragment of life, we suffer.

There is another way.

Undeniably we are separate in our bodies, our life experiences are unique, the paths we have travelled to this moment are all different. But, in addition to our unique life history we are fundamentally here – as Being. There is an underlying force of life that allows all of the other stuff to happen – the good, the bad, the ugly. The timeless underlying substrate of our lives.

Wholeness isn’t at the expense of who we are as constructed in time. We can be in wholeness, enjoying the flow through space and time as the unique creation that we are and still know ourselves as wholeness. But wholeness is not of space and time. In recognising this we discover freedom and liberation. There is nothing that we need to get rid of or hide. Wholeness excludes nothing. We’re all finding our way back to the wholeness from which we came.

The present moment, here and now is our point of power. It is the only time when anything actually happens. Welcoming whatever is arising in the moment provides the breadcrumbs to lead us home. It is our only opportunity for change.

Elisha Terada jellyfish


Inclusion follows naturally from Wholeness. When we understand that everything is consciousness, whatever exists is welcomed as the ongoing perpetual unfolding of consciousness. There is nothing and no one to exclude. All thoughts, emotions, sensations, actions, and experiences are all just part of the passing show. Just comings and goings, neither right or wrong, simply unfolding from the vast ground of Being that we are. From Wholeness we know that anything can happen – it is the field of infinite possibilities. Being welcomes everything – just as it is – in this moment. Thoughts and opinions about how things and people should be, fall away as we give reality permission to be just exactly as it is. It’s the ultimate paradox of letting go completely to discover our ultimate control as we cease arguing with reality and accept things just as they are. This is the end of suffering. It is only our resistance that causes our pain. There is no room for judgment.

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