Lucienne Soulliere

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Lucienne Soulliere, teacher, Yoga from the Inside

Through teaching and practising Lucienne hopes to share with the world the value of living in Yoga. Having acquired over 500 hours of training and having her own personal practice for 5 plus years, she chooses to focus on Hatha style of Yoga. This incorporates a focus on proper alignment within the body through postures and guiding the group through pranayama and meditation.

Her intention with teaching is to create a space within which each individual can build a core foundation, building their state of Yoga into an everlasting state that brings joy, peace and overall love in their day to day actions. Providing space for exploration and expression as an individual, you will be reminded of the value of understanding who you are. Classes are met with laughter, honesty and a genuine liveliness that honours individuality.

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